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Oi oi!! Did you miss me?! I've been busy repairing the ship!! Building things!! Deal with it!!!

Aooow, aooow, aoooow!! Lots of SUPER new faces!!! That's great!! Treat your ships SUPER or else!!!

Apr. 30th, 2009

Brooke!!  The SUPER pipe organ is almost ready!! Any attachments you want?? I'll build it in the library and extend pipes outside to project the sound!!

And yeah, Zoro!! It's COLA-POWERED!! Got a problem with that?! COLA is the best source of power!! No question!!

Nnn!! I could use some COLA right now!! But we're running low!!  Oi oi oi, when's our next stop??

Oi oi oi!!! My computer broke down, but I fixed it! It's Cola-powered now!! A SUPER computer!!

I found a crack in the fridge!! So we need to buy more supplies! At the next island, because I'm running out of material!!

But..!!  I have enough left to build something!! And I'm in a great mood!! Tell me what to build!!! Maybe you'll get it in the mail??
OI  OI  OI!!! No one goes into my Franky Factory tonight, alright?! I'll be in there all night anyway!! So don't get any ideas!! Especially not you, Usopp!!!

Anyway!! You guys should share some stories!! Funny, sad, or whatever!! It doesn't matter! Just make them entertaining..!!

It was my birthday yesterday!! So what?!

Oi, Usopp!!! Let's go work on that trebuchet!!!


Feb. 28th, 2009

This island..!! Dancing, singing, gambling!! Waterslides!!! Is this a man's true happiness??  It's not ship-building!! But it's close!!

Oi, Ouran guys... if you do join our crew, then welcome!! But I can't expand the ship! So keep your own!!

Oi oi, Luffy, when are we gonna leave?? I want to get my fill before we do!!



I'm in a SUPER mood!!

So who wants a song?!

I've been this SUPER all week!! Don't be shy..!!

Franky's SUPER contest!!


Someone has to have a SUPER idea!! Something I can make while my nakama are away!!

The best idea.. will be made and sent to the inventor!! SO DON'T BE SHY!!

Auuoo, AUUUUOOO!!  Let's do this!!!


Oi oi oi oi! The "KEEP-OUT" signs worked!!  SUPER JOB, SANJI!!! AND SUNNY....!!!!






It's SUPER to see everyone again!! But where's Mugiwara?!?!

I say, does anyone know where to find a decent pair of trousers? I am only able to find underwear and these ghastly hawaiian shirts in my armoire. My word, all these sunglasses and not one monocle!  Preposterous! I shall have to rectify this posthaste!

Captain, take us to the nearest fine gentleman's clothier at once! My wardrobe needs a proper set of clothes as soon as humanly possible.